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DeSean’s Miracle, Donovan’s 14-Second Scramble, Randall, Concrete Chuck All Up for Best NFL Play Ever

Mar 20, 2013, 2:21 PM EDT

Ah, March Madness. The time of year when you have to fill the bracket for “best food to be topped with bacon” or something more important like “the best 90s cartoon characters.” The NFL is getting in on the act with the best plays of all time. Which actually makes for some interesting discussion.

The Philadelphia Eagles are fairly well represented. With multiple plays from the Andy Reid era, the Buddy Ryan era, and from the era when Chuck Bednarik played football and none of us were even born yet.

There are some tough decisions.

11 Seed – Chuck Bednarik knocks out Frank Gifford

14 Seed – Donovan McNabb 14-second scramble

10 Seed – DeSean Jackson walk-off punt return vs. Giants

07 Seed – Randall Cunningham evades sack to throw a TD

12 Seed – Eric Allen 94-yard return vs. Jets

Man, those are some quality YouTube videos.

As far as best NFL plays ever? I’d find it unlikely for any of the Birds’ plays to take the top honor. Personally, I’m partial to DeSean’s Miracle at the Meadowlands as my favorite moment ever given the story of that entire game. But as far as the single most impressive play from an Eagle, I’d have to go with McNabb’s scramble and heave. Although Randall’s was freaking beautiful too.

You can vote at the NFL’s website. What’s the best play in Eagles history? How about in NFL history?