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Eagles Set to Pick 15th in Draft

Jan 2, 2012, 1:59 AM EDT

The New York Giants rolled the Dallas Cowboys 31-14 to win the NFC East championship on Sunday night, in a contest I spent not one moment watching. The game was not without its importance for the Birds though. Of course, the playoff field is now set, but so is a large portion of the 2012 draft order.
With their loss, Dallas sneaks in one spot ahead of the Eagles, pushing Philadelphia back to 15th in the draft, whereas had New York won, the G-men would have selected later. For those who are wondering, a loss to the Redskins would have given the Eagles the 11th pick, a difference of only four positions.
The tiebreakers are based on strength of schedule, the weakest SOS choosing the earliest.
Obviously, the higher the pick, the better. That being said, it wasn’t worth throwing Sunday’s game to move up those few spots.
It’s also worth noting general manager Howie Roseman and the front office will have plenty of fire power. The Eagles already own two second-round picks, two fourths, and three sixths, plus it seems very likely they will ship Asante Samuel away for whatever additional picks they can get. If they want to move up, they will almost certainly have that option.
We’ll have more draft coverage at a later date, but let’s kick off the preliminary discussion anyway. Who would you like to see the Eagles choose this April?