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Eagles to Pick Fourth in 2013 NFL Draft

Dec 30, 2012, 7:08 PM EDT

It’s not all bad news. The Birds may be finished in
December, but regime change is on the way. Plus, the organization will have the
opportunity to bring in a franchise player via April’s draft.

With a 4-12 finish, the Eagles earned the right to pick
fourth overall in the amateur selection process. The Kansas City Chiefs and
Jacksonville Jaguars choose one and two by virtue of their 2-14 records,
followed by the Oakland Raiders third. The Eagles and Raiders have identical
records, but Oakland gets the nod ahead of Philly due to having a weaker

That’s what happens to teams that play in the AFC West.

Likewise, the Eagles pick ahead of the four-win Detroit Lions based on strength of schedule.

We’ll look into exactly who is expected to be available once
the Birds are on the clock somewhere down the road, but if all goes well, it certainly
should be an impact player. Any early votes on how the front office should utilize