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Freddie Mitchell: One of the Worst NFL Players Ever?

Jan 17, 2010, 11:29 AM EDT

37-freddie_mitchell_01 Deadspin has an interesting list of the 100 Worst Players in NFL History. A few familiar faces from our Birds make the list:

37. Freddie Mitchell; wide receiver; Eagles; 2001-04: Though probably not the worst receiver in NFL history, Mitchell is definitely the worst receiver in NFL history to talk nonstop trash. After the Patriots defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX, Bill Belichick, who never utters anything of note, said of Mitchell: “All he does is talk. He’s terrible, and you can print that. I was happy when he was in the game.”

Now, to be fair, the list notes the criteria is that the players “have to be bad and of consequence,” so it’s not saying that Freddie is literally one of the 100 worst players to ever put on an NFL uniform. But come on, Freddie Mitchell made some great plays in his days as an Eagle. He was on the receiving end of 4th and 26, the greatest play I’ve ever witnessed in person, as well as that legendary scramble for a minute and a half followed by that heave down field by Donovan against the Cowboys.

I’ll always have a soft spot for FredEx, mostly because he was so entertaining to watch talk while he was away from the field. Gotta respect the People’s Champ.

He doesn’t belong on this list. That said, I’m not sending his hands anything Thank You cards anytime soon.

One guy I can fully support for appearing on Deadspin’s list? Former Eagle offensive tackle Kevin Allen who comes at No. 4. What a waste of a draft pick that guy was.