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Freddie Mitchell Will Not Return Your Call

Mar 13, 2007, 9:39 AM EDT

At least I’m assuming he won’t return your call.  He certainly won’t return Ron Jaworski’s calls.  Remember when there were rumblings that FredEx could make a return to South Philadelphia –  not at the Linc of course, but rather at the Wachovia Center catching passes from Tony Graziani for the Philadelphia Soul?  Well those rumblings weren’t completely off base.  Jaws, who now is one of the center pieces of ESPN’s broadcast of the Arena Football League (conflict of interest much?) said last week that he did in fact reach out to Freddie on multiple occasions.  The former Eagles great, ESPN god, and now part owner of the Soul said he placed at least four calls to the now dethroned People’s Champ.  Unfortunately for all of us, Freddie didn’t return the call.

It would have been a triumphant return.