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How Will Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman Collaborate on Forming the Eagles’ Roster?

Jan 29, 2013, 3:49 PM EDT

In an excellent piece of reporting from Philly Mag’s Sheil
Kapadia on Monday, we were able to gain a bit of insight into how exactly a “streamlined”
front office led by general manager Howie Roseman will work hand-in-hand with
new head coach Chip Kelly to assemble the Eagles’ roster – right down to the
types of players the team might be searching for.

Kapadia caught up with Roseman at the Senior Bowl last week,
where most of the pro-football world was feverishly at work scouting college
players. There he provided a bit of insight into how his relationship with
Kelly will work.

“He’s going to be very defined on
the things that he’s looking for in players by positions,” Roseman said last
week at the Senior Bowl. “Which is great for us as a personnel staff, to make
sure that we know specifics for each position, dictated by the coaching staff.
Obviously, it’s easier on the offensive side of the ball than the defensive
side right now, but for us, we know we’re going to have clear direction.”

Easier on offense, we imagine, because the Eagles have yet
to hire a defensive coordinator, who will presumably have some defined input of
his own. But wait, there’s more:

“There are deal-breakers,” Roseman
said. “Maybe it’s at a particular position that size is a particular function
that you need there, or a certain speed. I think there are limiting factors at
certain positions that for some staffs are more important than others.”

I suppose one way of looking at this would be Chip is the
man with the recipe, and it’s Howie’s job to go out and get him the
ingredients. One example Kapadia uses is something Kelly said while at Oregon,
where he acknowledges hand size is one of the most important factors for a
quarterback. He also points to an article on the National Football Post that
suggests Kelly prefers “longer,” or taller players.

Who qualifies or doesn’t as a Chip Kelly guy remains to be
seen. It appears however while he does not have final control over personnel
decisions, his blueprint will be very much at work here.

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