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In Which We Temper Your Remaining Enthusiasm for the Philadelphia Eagles

Dec 1, 2011, 11:17 AM EDT

Still optimistic about the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles? Adam Schefter and The Seattle Times will knock that right out of you.

Assuming, of course, you still had any. Take it away, Schef…

Attention Philadelphia and Seattle:
Of the 92 teams to have a 4-7 record from 1990 to 2010, only 3 made the
playoffs (3.3 pct).
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And now—with words which figure to only further turn your stomach when
you attempt to name more than five players on the Seahawks’ roster (and,
no, you can’t use Pete Carroll)—The Seattle Times:

The records are identical.

The explanations are not.

At 4-7, the Seahawks are rebuilding while the Philadelphia Eagles are reeling and those two story lines provide the most compelling tension for Thursday’s prime-time intersection.

For Seattle, there is still a question of what these Seahawks could become. Philadelphia is left to rue what the Eagles could have been.

Eagles! Seahawks! The Battle of Two Teams Heading in Opposite Directions! It’s the NFL on Thursday Night!