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Injuries muddy Eagles quarterback situation for Week 8

Oct 21, 2013, 1:56 PM EDT

Vick and Foles

Philadelphia’s quarterback controversy may have been laid to rest, but as of Monday it still isn’t clear who will start against the Giants in Week 8. If healthy, it will be Michael Vick—but that’s a big if.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly refused to name a starter during his day-after press conference on the grounds that he’s not sure who will be ready to go by Sunday. Jeff McLane for the Inquirer is reporting Vick will “likely” play even if the hamstring is not completely healed, but Kelly denied anybody will play at less than 100 percent.

McLane’s source indicated they won’t know how close the four-time Pro Bowler is until Wednesday. Recent reports described the hamstring strain as a 3-4 week injury. Sunday would be exactly three weeks from the day of Vick’s injury.

Kelly also revealed Nick Foles suffered a concussion in the 17-3 loss to the Cowboys, and the second-year passer’s recovery is subject to NFL protocol. We may not learn his status for Sunday until the middle of the week either.

That could leave fourth-round rookie Matt Barkley to take the reins versus New York, at least theoretically. If both Vick and Foles are unavailable, Chip admitted the team would have to sign another quarterback for depth. Calling G.J. Kinne?

All of which muddies the Eagles’ quarterback picture despite the debate over who should start coming to a close. Foles may have played himself out of an opportunity to win the job, but the question this week could come down to who is healthy enough to play?

Vick has been a limited participant in practice the past couple weeks. Monday is the players’ off-day, so we should get a better sense of which direction the Eagles are headed based on who takes first-team reps the next couple days.

Chip added Foles did not re-injure his groin, in case you were wondering if an undisclosed injury was in any way responsible for Foles’ dreadful performance against the Cowboys. The head coach didn’t have any answers for why the second-year passer was so “off.”

My gut feeling is McLane’s report is pretty close, and that Vick could play if not quite 100 percent. The 11-year veteran was active as the third quarterback in Tampa Bay eight days ago (although he was not against the Cowboys), indicating he could have played all along in an emergency.

The problem is what kind of Mike Vick will the Eagles be getting if he can’t take off and run for big gains?

We may just have to find out. Foles’ status seems even more up in the air, and while Barkley was in a difficult position coming off the bench, three interceptions in three series does not inspire much confidence. Vick may be the best option, but he may be the only too.

  1. CousinVinny - Oct 23, 2013 at 1:36 PM

    “The problem is what kind of Mike Vick will the Eagles be getting if he can’t take off and run for big gains?”

    Vick with the wheels of Byron Leftwich could be more effective than Foles was his last game. You act like Vick doesn’t have a top 10 passer rating on the year

    Vick is superior to Foles in arm strength and can actually push the ball down the field and throw in tight windows.

    • Andrew Kulp - Oct 23, 2013 at 4:38 PM

      Passer rating isn’t everything. Vick is also completing less than 54 percent of his passes this season. It’s hard to keep the offense moving when the quarterback is that inaccurate–in fact, the only thing that was keeping it moving on any kind of remotely consistent basis against KC, DEN, and NY when Vick was in the game was his running.

      You act like Vick has been throwing the ball extremely well his last three games, when he’s completed 46.5 percent of his passes with one touchdown to three turnovers in his last three games.


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