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Is This a Copy of the Eagles 2012 Schedule?

Apr 5, 2012, 1:27 PM EDT

A website is claiming to have uncovered the 2012 NFL schedule from an inactive page on the league website and has leaked it to the public.

A website called EaglesStats is claiming to have uncovered the 2012 NFL schedule via the league’s website.

The NFL released its preseason slate yesterday, but EaglesStats is claiming the league actually posted its regular season dates and matchups weeks ago and that the whole thing has been sitting on some inactive page on that isn’t accessible to the public. 
From the explanation of their discovery:

“The original plan was to release the NFL Regular Season Schedule the week before the 2012 NFL Draft (Thursday, April 26th).  However, I found a way to access this early and wanted to give you all a look at what to expect starting Wednesday, September 5th.”

Now we’re not saying the games, times and dates you see below are legit. What we are saying is that if this guy took the time make up this much detail (he did all 17 weeks for all 32 teams), then he is a sick and depraved human being and deserves recognition for wasting so much of his time on that basis alone.

Then again, no one’s that crazy — right?

The (potentially) leaked Eagles schedule below…
Week 1: Sunday, 9/9, vs. REDSKINS (1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 2: Sunday, 9/16, at Saints (1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 3: Sunday, 9/23, vs. BENGALS (1 p.m. / CBS)
Week 4: Sunday, 9/30, at Giants (1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 5: Sunday, 10/7, vs. FALCONS (1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 6: Thursday, 10/11, at Redskins (8:20 p.m. / NFL)
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: Sunday, 10/28, at Cowboys (8:20 p.m. / NBC)
Week 9: Monday, 11/5, at Browns (8:30 p.m. / ESPN)
Week 10: Sunday, 11/11, vs. GIANTS (4:05 p.m. / FOX)
Week 11: Sunday, 11/18, at Buccaneers (1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 12: Sunday, 11/25, vs. PANTHERS (1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 13: Sunday, 12/2, vs. LIONS (1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 14: Sunday, 12/9, at Cardinals ( 1 p.m. / FOX)
Week 15: Sunday, 12/16, at Steelers (8:20 p.m. / NBC)
Week 16: Sunday, 12/23, vs. RAVENS (4:15 p.m. / CBS)
Week 17: Sunday, 12/30, vs. COWBOYS (1 p.m. / FOX)


Well your consensus below seems to be that said individual is “that crazy.” We await the opportunity to cross-reference with the official copy at a later date.