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Is T.O. Headed to the IFL? Yes, That’s a Thing

Dec 29, 2011, 11:46 PM EDT

Former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens is rumored to be heading to the Indoor Football League... not to be confused with the much more legitimate Arena Football League.

And don’t confuse it with the IRL, the IndyCar open-wheel auto racing series, either. That is far more relevant.

Spurned by the NFL, and apparently not interested in playing for its kid step-brother, the Arena Football League, Terrell Owens is now being tied to the Indoor Football League — the equivalent of the bastard child birthed by the NFL’s niece, who we only talk about in hushed tones at the dinner table while the coffee is being served after we’ve already eaten dessert.

Just how lowly is the IFL? My home town of Reading has a team.

In fact, I was very excited initially about the prospect of T.O. visiting totally safe and prosperous Reading, PA, but alas, the Allen Wranglers — the club said to be close to landing the five-time All-Pro receiver — is not on the schedule for the 2012 season. Bummer.

The report from the Dallas Morning News (via PFT) would indicate this surprisingly is fairly close to happening. Owens would earn somewhere between 250,000 to 500,000 dollars.

I am shocked, because I find it hard to believe Reading’s entire roster makes that much.

Personally, I’m over the whole Owens-Eagles thing. That stuff comes with the territory, no? But being able to let go of that hate makes this almost a sad story, because he’s actually very likeable outside all the locker-room destroying antics, not to mention a probable Hall of Famer. At 38 years old and coming off an ACL injury, it would have been nice if T.O. had gone out quietly and with whatever dignity he has left.

But for whatever reason, it sounds like the show must go on.

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