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Jaws Thinks Foles Will Be Good Starter, Calls 2013 Quarterback Class Not Great

Nov 20, 2012, 3:38 PM EDT

Former Eagles quarterback turned ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski
thinks the organization already has a good starting quarterback on the roster.
That’s good news, because Jaws is also hearing this year’s draft class is
nothing special.

Speaking to reporters during a conference call on Tuesday (via
), Jaworski praised rookie Nick Foles despite somewhat of
a rough start to his NFL career. After watching Foles throughout training camp,
during the preseason, and over the last game and a half, Jaws believes this kid
has what it takes.

“I think he will be a starter in the NFL and a good

The word choice might be important here. What qualifies as a
“good” starter these days? Is Eli Manning “good?” Tom Brady? Or are those guys “great,”
and guys like Michael Vick or Tony Romo merely “good?”

It was probably a harmless statement meant to couch
expectations, but that distinction will be important down the line. If the last
decade has shown us nothing else, a “good” starting quarterback is only going
to win a Super Bowl on a “great” team, if at all. Reuben Frank had more thoughts on this subject today.

If Foles isn’t going to eventually become a great
quarterback, the Eagles might want to consider looking to the draft for
somebody to lead this franchise in a new era. Unfortunately, Jaworski isn’t
sure that player exists in this draft. While admitting he hasn’t had the chance
to dig into it himself, word on the street is this year’s class is not exactly
overflowing with Andrew Lucks and Robert Griffins.

“The quarterback position is obviously going to be the
first thing that’ll have to be addressed going into next year. You have a
Michael Vick; you have a Nick Foles; you have a Trent Edwards. Not a great
class coming out of the collegiate level. I haven’t studied the guys yet, so
maybe I’m a little premature, but the people I have spoken to have said it’s
not a great class.”

Foles should have a chance to compete for the job, but with
the Birds potentially setting up for a top-five pick, the front office has to
at least consider going quarterback there – unless of course there is none. At
least Jaws thinks they have a good one already.