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Jeffrey Lurie Speaks: Andy Reid Will Coach the Eagles in 2012

Jan 3, 2012, 2:14 PM EDT

Jeffrey Lurie is set to take the podium at the NovaCare Complex in just a few moments and is set to address a number of issues surrounding your beloved Philadelphia Eagles. The beat writers on Twitter seem to be indicating that they don't think Andy Reid will be resigning or relieved of his duties as head football coach. We'll find out soon enough as the scheduled start time is 2:30 pm.

Jeffrey Lurie, owner of your Philadelphia Eagles, took the podium at the NovaCare Complex with a cloud over what exactly he would address. Would Andy Reid be fired? Would he resign? Will Juan Castillo be back as defensive coordinator in 2012?

Lurie finally spoke, and whether you like his answers or not, Andy Reid will be back as head football coach of the Eagles in 2012.

Lurie started out by wishing everyone a happy new year and noting what an unusual season it was for the Birds.

“It’s a long season, it’s not about each individual game,” Lurie said. “This season was without question the most disappointing season since I owned the team.”

“The primary emotions are anger and frustration,” he added about the season. “It’s not only unacceptable, it’s very, very disappointing.”

“That being said…”

Wait for it…

This is the point where Lurie went through the specific games the Eagles played well in towards the end of the season. There are many things to feel optimistic about in 2012, but there are no excuses for the poor performances in 2011.

So what about Andy Reid? How does Lurie evaluate the head coach? Three fold: Track record of the coach. Shorter term history of the coach (3, 4, 5 years). Intangibles.

I couldn’t keep following along his thought process after that. This Eagles team had great practices and players really respect Andy Reid. Or something.

So with that…

Andy Reid will be back.

Jeffrey Lurie can’t wait to watch Andy Reid coach next season. How about you, Eagles fans?

Add your thoughts in the comments.

…more coming…