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Kulp Stops by Lunch Break to Talk What Else but Nick Foles

Dec 10, 2012, 2:49 PM EDT

We’re trying to practice some restraint with regards to Nick Foles’ future after his breakout performance in Tampa Bay. Having said that, the long and short of it is the Eagles were extremely fun to watch for the first time in ages on Sunday, and that had a lot to with the kid under center. Kulp paid Rhea Hughes a visit on Lunch Break today to talk some more about the big W, and of course, Foles Fever.

Among the topics that came up were one reason why it didn’t matter that the Buccaneers feature the worst pass defense in the NFL, plus how Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant were finally able to get their pictures off of the milk carton. Also, what of Foles’ future, and how far he may one day take the Eagles.

Hey, we realize it was just one game, but it’s been a long year for Philly sports. Let us soak this one in for 24 hours at least.