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Mayor Nutter Plays QB for the Soul On the Streets of Philadelphia

May 6, 2011, 10:46 AM EDT

The Philadelphia Soul decided it’d be a fun idea to hold an open tryout/promotion of sorts in the heart of Center City Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon. As part owner Ron Jaworski told SportsNite, the Soul isn’t exactly the No. 1 football team in this town, so they have to do things a little different.

They did the right thing here to generate buzz by bringing in the honorable Mayor Michael Nutter. The Mayor was throwing the football around and informed us all that he has, in fact, played a little bit. The only thing this event lacked was Nutter spitting some ‘Rapper’s Delight’ lyrics.

We’re just glad the mayoral intern was smart enough to inform the Mayor to *not* tuck his Soul jersey in. Ahem. [video below]

AP Photo