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Mike Patterson Signs with Giants: Are You Upset?

Apr 4, 2013, 3:05 PM EDT

In what it turns out may have been a bit of foreshadowing,
last month we wrote this after Cullen Jenkins signed with the Giants: Now if Mike Patterson were to wind up in
Dallas next, that could be a bitter pill to swallow.
While the Eagle of eight
seasons didn’t do that exactly, it’s close.

Patterson will be joining Jenkins up in New York, making it awfully
difficult to root for the guy moving forward. He didn’t have the same
following some of other long-time Eagles veterans from the Andy Reid era did, so it
likely won’t make you feel as queasy as when Donovan McNabb was first traded to
the Redskins for instance.

But still, why’s it gotta be like this, Patt?

On the bright side Patterson’s never quite been an impact
player, and we don’t see him turning the corner now, so it’s not like anybody
needs to be overly concerned the Eagles will see him twice a year. He should
have some tread left on the tires though, and if that’s the case, he will help
the Giants.

Mike Patterson will help the Giants. Doesn’t sound right.

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