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Moving on Not Hard to Do? Reid to Interview in Arizona

Jan 1, 2013, 11:15 PM EDT

We always expected Andy Reid to land on his feet… I guess we
just weren’t expecting it to be, like, the next day. With the New Year came
tidings of Reid’s potential landing spot: the Arizona Cardinals.

At one point on Tuesday, speculation was so red hot that one
reporter was told there was a 95% chance Reid would wind up in the desert.
Another suggested the organization might be holding an introductory press
conference by the end of the week!

Both Reid and a Cardinals spokesperson pumped the brakes a
bit, pointing out coach has not even interviewed yet. Of course, yet was the
key word there, because he is expected to do so on Wednesday – also known as today. Conflicting sources indicate it may be on Thursday, but whatever.

The team is giving defensive coordinator Ray Horton a second
interview, so it may be premature to call Reid to Arizona a lock. Obviously
there is some legitimate interest there though.

Denver’s Mike McCoy is also on the radar.

If Reid does not wind up reuniting with quarterback Kevin
Kolb in Zona, it will be interesting to see what’s left. One report revealed
San Diego will not go after Reid, and Cleveland obviously wouldn’t now that Joe
Banner is running the show. That leaves three vacancies – Buffalo, Chicago,
and Kansas City.

It’s worth noting the Eagles will host the Cards at the Linc
next season, potentially setting up for quite the reunion.