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Nick Foles, Offensive Coordinator

Dec 10, 2012, 3:12 AM EDT

How good was Nick Foles on Sunday? So good, Marty Mornhinweg
would be spending the rest of this season looking over his shoulder were it not
for the fact that he should be looking for a new job come January anyway. You
see, not only was Foles implementing the calls as they came in from the
sidelines during the Eagles’ 23-21 comeback victory at Tampa Bay.

He was designing the plays, too – well, one of them anyway.

Faced with a 4th and 5 from Tampa’s 23 and 16 seconds
remaining on the decisive drive, Foles found Jason Avant down the seam for a
22-yard gain to set up the Birds’ final play at the goal line. Apparently, that
strike – not to mention the wherewithal to clock the ball before time expired –
wasn’t even the most impressive aspect of it whole thing. Foles literally
invented that play. Reuben Frank has the story:

“We don’t have that play,” Avant
said. “He made it up.”

So not only did Foles throw for an
Eagles rookie-record 381 yards and two touchdowns, not only did he rally the
Eagles from 11 points down with four minutes left to a 23-21 miracle win over
the Buccaneers in his fourth NFL start, he drew up one of the biggest plays of
the game figuratively in the dirt.

“A little schoolyard,” Foles said
with a shrug.

A little schoolyard? Seriously? At
that moment?

“We don’t exactly have it in the
playbook,” offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. “We do, but it’s two
different plays, and he combined them.”

That right there is the stuff that legends are made of. Give
Foles credit for coming up with something on the fly, but credit Avant for showing
faith in his quarterback in that situation. For that matter, credit Mornhinweg
and Andy Reid for going with the kid’s gut as well.

Forgive us for getting caught up in the Foles Fever, but we
can always pour a little cold water on the movement later – in fact, we probably
will. Watching a young quarterback have a memorable performance like this is
something special though. The more we see and hear, the more there is to like.
Foles has a long way to go, but he certainly seems up to the task of playing
quarterback in the NFL.

>> Nick Foles invented play on late pass to Avant [CSN]