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Nnamdi Asomugha Takes His Lunch To Go

Feb 26, 2013, 3:47 PM EDT

The NovaCare Complex cafeteria always seemed like it would
be a good icebreaker for any reporter who was about to have a sit-down with
Andy Reid. I can still hear Big Red going on about the barbeque ribs and
macaroni and cheese like he was raving about them just yesterday. I imagined you
could really get him to open up if you mentioned that mac and cheese.

Next time anybody asks Nnamdi Asomugha about the caf though,
the veteran cornerback is probably a lot more likely to clam up, perhaps even
respond with a, “Listen, I’m not going to get into that…”

That’s because former Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas informed
a 94WIP audience on Tuesday that Nnamdi used to eat lunch in his car, by
during the 2012 season. Thomas described Asomugha’s trips to his
private dining room as “me time.” Garry Cobb further explained Asomugha would go
out there to handle some personal business on the phone.

You never know what to make of these stories. How many times
did Nnamdi eat lunch in his car? Did he carry a tray out of the cafeteria, or
did he drive down the street for takeout? I bet he became addicted to Five
Guys. Those burgers have knocked a tick or two off of my 40 time, too.

A bizarre story to say the least, but players talk, so we
can only assume there is some truth to it. And what’s the problem with that, other than it sounds kind of strange? As
Cobb notes, Asomugha wasn’t being a very good veteran mentor to his young

Because Asomugha was “eating lunch in his car instead of with teammates.”

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