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No, Donovan McNabb Will Not Play Football with You and Your Kids on Thanksgiving

Nov 16, 2012, 9:18 AM EDT

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was in the Comcast SportsNet studios on Thursday afternoon to answer some questions from Neil Hartman and fans.

One particular former Eagles fan asked McNabb if he’d come play in one of those traditional Turkey Day football games that so many Americans partake in every year.

(Thanksgiving question comes in toward the end of the video. Five also discusses his opinion on Nick Foles’ skill set if you’re into that)

McNabb politely declined. Good try though! There’s a reason he’s not playing football and is instead doing TV commentary. And no, it’s not because zero teams in the league currently want to employ his services. It’s also not because he thought it wouldn’t be wise to play football on a full stomach of turkey and stuffing.

I wanted to ask McNabb if he has ever seen Wayne’s World and what he thought of that scene in the car where Garth isn’t feeling so hot — Donnie’s a movie buff, remember! — but my question was not selected.