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PHOTO: Donovan McNabb Finally Hoists Championship Trophy, Ryan Lochte Is Involved

Apr 26, 2013, 2:29 PM EDT

Look at it. I mean, really LOOK at it. Isn’t it beautiful?

The years it took. The criticism he endured.

Donovan McNabb has won the big one.

That’s right — The American Honey Kickball Classic.

So apparently there’s something called ZogSports, which “is a charity focused co-ed social sports league in large urban markets across the United States.”

We played in an indoor bocce league at The Fieldhouse once, but I don’t think there was any charity involved. Just some beer.

If you’re unfamiliar with American Honey, it’s a fine product made by the people at Wild Turkey.

Anywho, one of ZogSports’ most recent activities was a kickball tournament in Times Square, featuring Donovan McNabb and this guy Ryan Lochte, whom people really seem to dislike. Here’s a picture of the two of them together:


And another of Donovan with trophy:


Jeah, to answer your question, this was fun for me.