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Quotable: Chip Kelly Wants the Eagles to Be Bullies

Mar 20, 2013, 2:05 PM EDT

Move over, Flyers. There’s a new set of bullies in
Philadelphia, at least there will be as long as Chip Kelly keeps getting his

The still new-ish Eagles’ head coach was available to the
media on Wednesday at the ongoing NFL meetings, during which reporters pressed
him on a variety of topics.
One of the questions was about what type of
athletes Kelly covets for his roster, resulting in this money quote.

“We want taller, longer people
because bigger people beat up little people.”

I hope he didn’t mean that literally. Bigger people beating up
little people sounds like a hate crime.

In all seriousness, that should sound like music to Birds’
fans, many of whom often complained in the past about Andy Reid relying too
often on undersized players. So far Chip and Howie Roseman have walked the
walk, too: the shortest player the team has acquired since free agency opened
is cornerback Bradley Fletcher at 6’0”.

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