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Reid: I love the Philadelphia Eagles

Dec 30, 2012, 5:35 PM EDT

Say what you want about Andy Reid – because what the hell,
you will anyway – but he gave the Philadelphia his best for 14 years. It’s not
like there were no good times, far away as they may seem.

And despite immense criticism from the media and fan base,
especially over the past bunch of years, Reid has never demonstrated so much as
an ounce bitterness. That steady demeanor prevailed even after what we expect
was his final game here on Sunday.

Asked about what emotions he was feeling after 14 seasons
with the organization following the final game of this season, and likely his
tenure, Reid showed nothing but grace:

“I love the Philadelphia Eagles. I
mean, that’s how I feel, so I love every minute that I’ve had to coach them.”

Reid added that if he were welcomed back for a 15th
season with the Birds, he would be “all in.”

It doesn’t sound like that will be the case though. Multiple
reports have indicated Reid has already been informed by owner Jeffrey Lurie
that he has been left go. We’ll wait for the official announcement, but I think
we all know what to expect.