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Roll-A-Bout Unlikely to Land Jason Peters as Spokesperson

May 14, 2012, 7:59 PM EDT

Derrick Gunn reports Eagles left tackle Jason Peter required a second surgery on his Achilles after his Roll-A-Bout device failed.

Don’t laugh — this actually happened. All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters required a second surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles tendon after his Roll-A-Bout malfunctioned.

According to Derrick Gunn, the Roll-A-Bout (pictured) failed as Peters (not pictured) was maneuvering in his kitchen. The defect caused the 340-lb Peters to fall on his face and re-injure the Achilles. Peters plans to sue the manufacturer.

Gunn says the setback cost Peters three weeks, so whatever remote hope he had of playing this season is lost. However, the greater concern here is the toll multiple surgeries will have on the tendon.

The Eagles signed Demetress Bell to a five-year deal in April, so they’re covered. Still, Peters is one of the most dominant offensive linemen in the league. Fingers crossed he will eventually return to full health.