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Scenes From Eagles Training Camp: Jason Kelce Wins By a Hair

Jul 27, 2012, 12:23 AM EDT

Things got a bit hairy at the first day of Eagles training camp.
Jason Kelce, favorite to play Yukon Cornelius at the team Christmas party

The Eagles had their first real practice up at training camp at Lehigh on Thursday afternoon and one of the more interesting stories we read was the emergence of second-year corner Curtis Marsh as the leader for the third outside CB spot. Looks like the Birds have serious expectations for him this year after he saw minimal playing time last season.

The most surprising thing we saw? Former St. Louis Rams-drafted WR Mardy Gilyard has seashells in his hair. Gilyard’s play will have to do a lot to stand out among the thirteen receivers in camp if he wants to make the team. His hair already does. [hairy photos below]


Nnamdi’s as well, although a different high flattop look:


Andy’s got the walrus thing going on:


And DeSean has that bird’s nest thing on his chin going on:


All photos by US Presswire