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Steelers WR Antonio Brown Calls Brandon Boykin ‘The Candy Bar’ Updated with Boykin’s Response

Oct 4, 2012, 10:36 AM EDT

Antonio Brown isn’t himself when he’s hungry. He gets a little…

Well, he starts talking smack on our rookie corner.

Brandon Boykin, who performed well against the Ravens and has otherwise held his own, even if Victor Cruz and the Giants did pick on him a bit Sunday night, will evidently be the target of the Pittsburgh passing attack this weekend.

How do we know this? Oh, yes, you, Mr. Brown, go ahead:

“That’s the candy bar,” receiver Antonio Brown said Wednesday, referring to Boykin, according to the Washington (Pa.) Observer-Reporter (via ProFootballTalk).

“He’s given up a lot of plays,” Brown added.  “Whoever gets that guy definitely has to take advantage.”

Steelers tackle Max Starks was a little more diplomatic about it, just saying that DRC and Nnamdi are on the outside and the Eagles’ inside corners are comparatively inexperienced.


UPDATE: Boykin “guesses it’s funny”

Alright, bracket football-related matchups for a second and let’s get down to business.

What piece and/or brand of candy can we now refer to Brandon Boykin as and why? Bonus points for elaborate explanations.

Maybe “3 Muskateers” because he’s the third corner? I don’t know, I kind of just want to call him “Snickers” ’cause it’s cute.


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