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The NFL Thinks the Eagles Are Still Playoff Contenders… Do You?

Nov 14, 2012, 1:37 PM EDT

If you surf on over to the website of the National Football League, you’re currently greeted with an image that includes the great hope of the future of the Philadelphia Eagles franchise, Nick Foles. The accompanying headline and teaser asks if the backup quarterbacks on “four playoff contenders are up to the task?”

So yes, they believe the Eagles are playoff contenders. And while this is mathematically accurate, I’m curious how many Eagles fans actually believe the Birds are playoff contenders.

But that’s not all that is interesting about this headline and choice of photo… The article only writes about the 14 backup quarterbacks on WINNING teams. What the hell is that about?

So all of the judgment on young Nick Foles will have to be made by you, Eagles nation.