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Your Tailgate Food Will Never Be This Good

Dec 18, 2012, 5:35 PM EDT

Some people pop a small little grill out of their trunk and throw some Dietz & Watson weiners on a grill, crack open a thirty pack of lite beer and call it a tailgate. At the opposite end of the spectrum there are the tailgaters with a bit more refined pallet, those who enjoy the likes of the the following: “perfectly smoked brisket, [...] an entire table of wine, four
microbrews on tap, spicy chili mac-and-cheese, crab bisque with
40-year-old tawny port, sesame seared ahi tuna, hot chocolate with
Tahitian vanilla beans.” Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

With the Eagles’ season long been in the port-o-potty, the Daily News’ Bill Bender set out to find some of the best food a person could come to expect in a parking lot outside of a football game. Safe to say, he was not disappointed.

The remarkable crew he found apparently attempt to relate the menu each week to the Eagles’ opposition. With the Birds playing Carolina on Monday Night Football a week or so back, the apparent foodies went BBQ:

“I got a really good smoke ring,” explained Tre Hilty, who’d just
cooked his first brisket on a Big Green Egg, a ceramic smoker that’s a
bit pricey, but worth every dime for the serious BBQ’er. Hilty used an
overnight dry rub that included brown sugar, mesquite seasoning and Paul
Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic, then smoked the brisket for six

That would also be known as a sugar cookie to you fans of the TLC’s BBQ Pittmasters.

And I thought opting for a Primo’s Italian hoagie over a Wawa shortie and some chips was a step up in the world.

Go read about all of the deliciousness that you’ll likely never have at your tailgate. Then go take a trip to Fete Sau, Blue Belly BBQ, or Percy Street, because you can’t cook like that. But you can relate a bit. One of Bender’s best lines from his experience:

I drank.

The Eagles lost.

That happens a lot.

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