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247 Episode 3 Non-Lavvy Highlights: No, Your Ugly Christmas Sweater is Still Just Ugly

Dec 29, 2011, 1:06 AM EDT

We've already talked about Claude Giroux and Peter Laviolette clowning Steve Ott, as well as Lavvy's ability to channel Sir Alex Ferguson and the Temple of Doom. Time to look at the rest of the third installment of HBO's 24/7 from Wednesday night.

We’ve already talked about Claude Giroux and Peter Laviolette clowning
Steve Ott
, as well as Lavvy’s ability to channel Sir Alex Ferguson and the Temple of Doom.
Time to look at the rest of the third installment of HBO’s 24/7 from Wednesday night.

So uh… Lavvy was pretty eager to get G back on the ice, huh? Didn’t seem too interested in maybes.

The Flyers boss certainly has a way with words. His locker room
quote of the night was probably, “Start playin with some jam here.”
[Check this out]

(Enrico’s note: My favorite moment from episode 3 was the interaction between Claude and Lavy. “I don’t want to go out there and hurt the team, you know?” Giroux said. “You’re kidding me, right?” Lavvy responded. “You look like a million bucks out here.” It was like Gisele Bundchen asking you unsure if she should wear the extra-small bikini to the beach tomorrow because she had two chicken fingers for lunch instead of a salad yesterday.)

Before the series started, I assumed we’d see some footage of the
Rangers that humanized our team’s rivals, drew us sheepishly closer to
them as was the case with the Penguins and Capitals last year. So far,
not so.

Their footage just hasn’t been that interesting to me or the
commenters in our liveblogs. Taking a step back, placing some Flyers in
those same segments, they’re probably a lot more interesting. Not sure
why they don’t stand up the same way the Caps and Pens did last year.

How long do you think Ugly Christmas Sweater parties will be cool? Minus-one more years?

arriving in New York the day before playing the Rangers, when the Rags
were facing the Isles on the front end of back-to-back games, the Flyers
coaching staff didn’t put in a dedicated film study night. Lavvy
indicated they knew the Rangers plenty well, expressing respect for
their game but no need to do any further study to understand what they
bring to the table. So, they brought some beers to the table, heading
out to a pub to watch the game. Comical to see Lavvy toss a beer back as
the coaches laughed while the telecast showed footage of his
altercation with Ott.

At least in the footage we saw, the Rangers were winning the
chirping war over the Flyers. Brad Richards telling Tom Sestito that
being up this game was like fantasy camp for him was admittedly
hilarious. Mike Rupp telling Jody Shelley he was “fucking irrelevant out
here” as a reason he wouldn’t fight him was painfully pretty true.

In the intermission, John Tortorella said “Keep shooting the puck at
him. He’s fighting everything.” It wasn’t shown whom he was talking
about, but you can probably guess.

Another highlight came
at the Bryzgalov household, after a shot of the Flyers goalie pulling a
delicious duck from the oven that the family had just prepared for a
Christmas dinner. “I’m much more Englisher and you’re much more
Russianer,” Ilya’s son Vlady says to his sister Valerie. Love the

We also got to see some footage of the family Huskie, Mila, that Bryz is so smitten with, so there’s that.

Some “meh” moments on the show this week included a bit too much
footage of obviously old interviews, done when the players had their
Movember mustaches. Ilya Bryzgalov was shown talking about his
metaphorical masks and many faces, which appeared to be the B roll of an
interview session from which previous gems had already been mined.
Finally got to see some footage of his dog Mila though!

Also, after the loss to the Rangers, as footage of people running
the Art Museum steps and doing the Rocky arms played while Schreibner
said, “By the next day, the sting of the Flyers loss seems to have
subsided in Philadelphia.” I get it, it’s just a segue and some basic
Philly footage. But, it’s unlikely anyone running the steps in Philly,
particularly over Christmas, gives a damn about the previous night’s
Flyers game. It’s unlikely they’re even from Philadelphia. (And,
clearly, we’re still a little bitter about that loss if we’re nitpicking
on this great show…)

What were your highlights?