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Bryz: Hartnell Looks Like Tom Hanks in the Movie Cast Away

Jan 8, 2013, 3:15 PM EDT
Scott Hartnell must be sporting one impressive beard these
days, and it sounds like he could use a haircut, too. At least Ilya Bryzgalov must
think so since he compared Hartsy to a guy that’s been living on a deserted
island for the last four years.

Among the tidbits the Inq’s Sam Carchidi chose to relay from
Flyers’ practice in Vorhees on Tuesday was this humorous nugget from Bryz, and
the Philly netminder is already in mid-season form when it comes to making
off-the-wall comments.

“He’s like from the movie Cast Away. We need to buy some
ball for him so he has best buddy Wilson.”

Based on the pic below, do you think Bryz might be exaggerating just a


I don’t know about you, but should 20th Cenutry Fox happen to be considering a Cast Away
sequel however, I think they may want to give Hartnell a call. After all, he’s a big
movie star now.

Meanwhile, Bryzgalov might view his teammate like some sort of
castaway, but the ladies seem to dig it. In a Cosmopolitan poll, women named
Hartnell one of the sexiest players in the NHL.

You might recognize this left wing from his cameo in This Is
Forty. Or from scoping out his sexy red curls on the ice.

Good for you, Hartsy. Now here’s more from space-cadet Ilya: