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Chris Pronger Speaks: ‘No Regrets’

Mar 7, 2013, 1:12 PM EDT

Nobody knew what to expect when Chris Pronger took the podium this afternoon to address the Philadelphia media for the first time since 2011. To summarize what we saw from him today, I’d say we saw a guy who struggled greatly — both mentally and physically — with coming to the realization his hockey career had ended, a guy who still struggles to do seemingly normal person activities like running, but also a guy who is coping as best he can to try and have a positive outlook on his current reality, and a guy who has no regrets. Plus, he made fun of Panotch multiple times, so that familiar jovial nature was great to see amid such a painful story.

On whether today was his retirement: No. Basically he can’t retire because of the Flyers cap situation. But he also said he can’t even skate or run without symptoms. He maintained he’s working to get 100% healthy. That’s his goal. Take it from there. But we won’t see him play hockey again.

On his eye:

On the weird cap situation:

Head injuries are very, very real. And they’re very, very scary.