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Claude Giroux Is Flying to Atlanta to Meet with a Concussion Specialist

Nov 20, 2012, 1:02 PM EDT

At first, Claude Giroux’s injury wasn’t serious.

Well — it still isn’t serious. But it might be. So he’s coming back to the U.S. for tests to make sure it isn’t. In case it is.

Here’s what’s certain: Claude Giroux was diagnosed with a minor neck injury while playing for his German club over the weekend. According to the Ottawa Sun, via Tim Panoccio, Giroux is flying back to Ottawa and then heading out to meet with a concussion specialist in Atlanta.

Writes Panotch:

What was originally diagnosed as a “minor neck injury” could be worse, perhaps a concussion, though no one is actually saying that. Still, that can’t be ruled out of any head hit.

Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren told that all he knows is that Giroux is returning for “evaluation and precaution” for what was “diagnosed” as a minor neck injury.

Berlin general manager Peter Lee told the Ottawa Sun that Giroux is being evaluated for a concussion because he was not “feeling right” after taking a high elbow to the head.



Giroux missed four games last December after sustaining a concussion in a game against Dallas, when the back of his head made contact with a teammates’ knee.

Flyers fans, beat writers and probably front office personnel are all sensitive to anything that is or even sounds like a concussion.

For now, the team’s best player — and the guy Peter Laviolette calls the “best player in the world” — only has a minor neck injury. He says he’s fine. And I rather enjoy the line above, that “[it] could be worse, perhaps a concussion, though no one is actually saying that.”

Whether its anything more than the original diagnosis is a wait and see game. One would think that if they weren’t concerned, he wouldn’t be coming back. Then again, an abundance of caution can be a good thing.

Except for when it makes you wait and worry.