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Craig Berube Catches Fish That Could Eat Matt Walker’s Dog

Nov 10, 2011, 2:39 PM EDT

This fish will eat your face CLEAN OFF YOUR HEAD BONES.

Guys, one of you complained when we posted a huge Matt Walker dog picture that was over a year old. Well, we still thought it was awesome and we wanted to look at pictures of horse-sized puppies instead of talking about horrific scandals for a minute, so we posted it. But, if this experience left you in need of a more recent picture of a huge creature from the Flyers’ twitter feed, we now have that as well. Unless you have aquatic nightmares easily, you should see whatever the hell Craig Berube caught today during the Flyers’ annual bonding trip (which, by the way, is on our bucket dream list).

Pic below for those not hip to the twitters yet.

Craig Berube Fish.jpg

They say it’s a 200-lb grouper, but while I’m no fish expert, I’m fairly certain that is an alien pod/vessel/trojan horse that will bisect and release a small army of much smaller AMPHIBIOUS grouper with intentions of taking over the boat.

It was sure nice knowing you, all the Flyers.