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Did You Ever Want to Give Sidney Crosby a Swirly?

Feb 1, 2012, 2:54 PM EDT

Philly Villains has been running all this week on CSN. This one guy wanted to do some weird shit to Sidney Crosby.

Because I certainly never wanted to give Sidney Crosby a swirly.

But the one guy in this video wants to give him a swirly. Little odd, dude.

It’s a clip from the CSN show Philly Villains that’s been airing all this week at 10:30 pm that’s counting down the 20 biggest villains in philly sports history. The list has been debateable for sure. Something named Birdsong (update: apparently it was “Birdstone”) made the list. I don’t get what they have against the Grateful Dead? [video below]

But yeah, swirly guy is weird.

My favorite villains so far have been the “dishonorable mention” segments. Go get stepped on, Vet turf! And Mets fans!