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Fight Video: Well At Least the Flyers Are Making a Strong Case That Opponents Should Not Cross Them

Feb 2, 2013, 3:26 PM EDT

Late in the first period during last night’s 3-2 Flyers
loss, Washington Capitals defenseman John Erskine knocked Wayne Simmonds out of
the game with what Keith Jones described as the flying elbow. It was clearly an
illegal play, and Puck Daddy speculates Erskine will wind up receiving a few-games
ban, although the officials amazingly did not have Simmonds’ back with any type
of penalty call on the play.

Zac Rinaldo came to Simmonds’ defense as soon as play
resumed however, which was unfortunate for Caps forward Matt Hendricks.

Rinaldo came out guns blazing, dropping Hendricks to one
knee before the producers in the truck could even get the fight on TV.
Hendricks regained his footing, but lost his footing permanently during a
flurry of rights to the back of the head/helmet – plus one more shot for good
measure on the way down.

The Flyers aren’t winning the games, but they seem to be
winning the fights with some regularity. Rinaldo joins Scott Hartnell, Tye
McGinn, and Luke Schenn as members of the club who have dropped the gloves and were
awarded the decision. Too bad this team can’t box its way to two points every

As for Simmonds, he is day-to-day, so hopefully nothing too
serious there. The hit that started it all (via Puck Daddy):

>> John Erskine’s reckless elbow on Wayne Simmonds; guess the suspension [Puck Daddy]