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Flyer Fights: Don’t Mess with Wayne Simmonds (David Clarkson Edition)

Oct 9, 2011, 11:53 AM EDT

The latest installment in our year-long series of Flyer Fights.

In case you missed last night’s action, we didn’t want to deprive you of the opportunity to watch Wayne Simmonds tune up the ever-annoying David Clarkson. This one went down midway through the third period with the Flyers ahead 3-0.

Simmonds had just stuffed one by Brodeur for his first goal of the season, while Clarkson had been in an out of the box on multiple occasions, thanks in no small part to ongoing spat with Zac Rinaldo throughout the evening.

After the fight, Clarkson was issued a two-minute minor for unsportmanlike conduct, a five-minute major for fighting and a 10-minute misconduct. Simmonds was only penalized the standard five for fighting.

Clarkson was later reported to be “baffled” as to why he received the extra time.

“I have no idea why I got the extra two minutes,” Clarkson said. “I asked (Simmonds to fight) and he said no, then dropped his gloves and grabbed me. He didn’t do anything dirty, but to give me an extra two minutes, I’d like that be explained to me. I don’t understand that. Then I made a comment to (the referee) about that and he kicked me out.”

Mr. Clarkson, we have no sympathy. Now, here’s a video of you getting hammered by Wayne Simmonds.

Footage courtesy the YouTube channel. Photo Courtesy Jim O’Connor—US PRESSWIRE.