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Flyers Turn ‘Knock, Knock’ Winning Anthem into Playoff T-shirt

Apr 11, 2012, 1:25 PM EDT

The Flyers have turned their game-winning anthem in to a playoff t-shirt on their quest for a Cup.

One of the absolute best scenes in HBO’s 24/7 series leading up to the Flyers-Rangers big Winter Classic matchup was getting a peak in to the Philadelphia locker room following a nice win. HBO gave us a chance to see our orange and black celebrate with teammates, dance like kids, and just look generally goofy and giddy all while listening to Mac Miller’s “Knock, Knock” song on the iPod.

The Flyers have taken that tradition and put it on the front of their 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff t-shirts.


The Daily News’ Frank Seravalli snapped the photo of the shirt to your right prior to this evening’s match up with the Penguins in game one in Pittsburgh. The “16 Knock Knocks” means that the Flyers will get to listen to that song after winning 16 more games this season, the same number that would allow them to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup for the first time in decades.

Seravalli also talks about the nice touch on the sleeve of the shirt, “According to equipment manager Derek Settlemyre, the quote on the right sleeve, which is “What a Great Day,” originates from Jaromir Jagr‘s mouth daily.”

The Flyers will reportedly wear the shirts under their gear during the playoffs. Sadly, they will not be made available to the public.

16 more knock, knocks, please. Giddy up.

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