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Good Read: Mike Richards on the Captaincy, Media, Lavvy, and Himself

May 23, 2011, 9:51 AM EDT

A lot of ink and pixels have been spent exploring Mike Richards’ role with the Flyers, both on and off the ice, since the team departed the playoffs early. For an unabashed Richards fan but also someone who understands he’s not perfect, the coverage can become a bit much. But the Courier-Post’s Chuck Gormley has a great interview with the captain on his blog today, where Richards checks in from vacation in Cabo San Lucas and talks candidly about what’s been written since the sweep. He shows some solid perspective on how he can improve his relationship with the media, but remains unapologetic as you might expect. Richards also talks about how his wrist injury affected him this season (but backs away from using it as an excuse), and speaks in glowing terms about the head coach with whom he’s been said to have a rocky relationship.

Nice work by Gormley too, whose blog has recently emerged with some interesting quotes and stories. Worth a bookmark or a follow on Twitter.