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HBO Winter Classic 247: Oh Captain, My Captain

Dec 13, 2011, 12:34 AM EDT

Philadelphia Flyer Chris Pronger and New York Ranger Ryan Callahan are featured in this clip from HBO's Winter Classic 24/7

One of the perils of reality television is that, well, it’s grounded in reality. Producers can dream up the most compelling story arcs, shoot countless of hours of footage documenting that story arc, and then see said story arc blow up right in their faces.

In this instance, HBO trained their cameras on the most mythologized and lionized member of a professional hockey team – the captain. Chris Pronger, as we all know, is a snarky, sarcastic, media ball-busting, combative, mountain of a defenseman. He’s also incredibly entertaining.

Unfortunately, he’s also injured. His virus-turned-knee-injury-turned-concussion-like-symptoms threaten to keep him out of the Winter Classic. And with that so (likely) goes his star turn on HBO’s 24/7. It’s unfortunate because I was most looking forward to HBO’s behind the scenes footage of Pronger.

While it remains to be seen how much, and how quickly, HBO has refocused their original narrative, they did post this video featuring Pronger and Rangers captain Ryan Callahan.

With Pronger likely out for Winter Classic, who do you most want to see featured? Are there any players or particular dynamics you most want to see?

I mean, I’d be cool if they simply showed Claude Giroux scoring breakaway goals in slo-mo for the entire hour, but that’s just me.

The series debuts Wednesday at 10PM on HBO.