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Homer for a Day: What Would You Have Said in the Closed Door Meeting With the Flyers?

Apr 7, 2011, 5:20 PM EDT

Frank Seravalli reported earlier today that Flyers GM Paul Holmgren was as pissed as you were after the team’s loss in Ottawa, and yesterday, he held a closed-door meeting with the players. This brings us back to Rev’s “Fly on the Wall” wishlist, because how great would it have been to hear what was said? Homer usually seems like a pretty calm and collected guy, but with a Clint Eastwood edge that reminds you he could terminate at least your career in Philly, if not more.   Paul Holmgren Eye Daggers Your Face
While we don’t know what Homer said to the players, a few things came quickly to my mind. I ask you this, Flyers fans, what would you have said in that room? Anyone you’d be singling out? Anyone get a pass?