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Ilya Bryzgalov Hasn’t Forgotten About That Time the Press Wrote About His Thoughts on Monkeys in Space

Dec 11, 2012, 3:09 PM EDT

Quote Taylor Swift: “This is exhausting.”

The last time we addressed Ilya Bryzgalov’s dealings with the KHL media, I suggested we send Tim Panaccio to Russia and told Michael Leighton to put his pads on.

Well, the Flyers’ franchise goaltender — not Leighton — is back in the news for his latest exchange with the Russian media.

Late Sunday night, a report or two questioned whether Bryzgalov had gotten injured in Russia, considering his name was removed a European tournament roster following a health exam. Someone who speaks Russian (hard-hitting journalism here) tweeted at Sam Carchidi, after he posited the injury question, to let him know Bryz was just sick with a virus that had been going around his team’s locker room.

Well, Sports Express in Russia called Bryz to see if he was really sick. His response, translated below, via Broad Street Hockey:

Sports Express: Why are not you on the team? You have really a health problem?

Bryzgalov: Sorry, but, unfortunately, I’m not ready to talk in detail with the press.

Why not?

The thing is that now I am in the Mission Control Center, you wrote about in our last interview. Astronaut suit on me. And you will understand that it disturbs me to communicate.

Deadspin speculates Bryzgalov is possibly referring to a story from last May, when he said during the Flyers’ playoff run that he would have liked to have been an astronaut had he not become a goaltender. You may remember this related photoshop.

Doesn’t seem like the Russian or Philly beat writers are in for any majors changes any time soon and Bryzgalov still has eight years left on his nine-year, $51 million deal.