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It’s Not Hardware, But It’s Something: Claude Giroux Wins NHL 13 Cover Vote

Jun 20, 2012, 11:26 PM EDT

Claude Giroux is NHL 13's cover athlete
At Wednesday night’s NHL awards ceremony in Las Vegas, no Philadelphia Flyers won league awards. Malkin’s the MVP. Lundqvist the Vezina. Landeskog the Calder. Paul Holmgren and Peter Laviolette were short of their respective paydirt. [Full list of winners]
And yet, there’s still something to celebrate tonight and enjoy for the upcoming season. Claude Giroux will grace the cover of EA Sports’ NHL 13. 
More, plus video of the presentation below. 

Call me easily swayed by marketing gimmicks directed squarely at me, but I’m gonna buy the NHL game for the first time since NHL 10. And yes it’s pretty much entirely because G is on the cover. 
More important than that, a Flyer won a league-wide fan vote. Go ahead with your bit about how they have to settle for this because they didn’t win a Cup and he’s not the MVP and blah blah blah. Go ahead about how it’s just a popularity contest. Of course it is. 
Claude Giroux is one of the most popular players in the league right now, and everyone in Philly knows and can celebrate why—he’s just getting started. 
Of course, if everyone didn’t already want a piece of him, they will now. Right Schenner?