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Merry Christmas: The 1984 Flyers Read The Night Before Christmas

Dec 25, 2011, 12:59 PM EDT

The 1984 Flyers Read The Night Before Christmas - Mark Howe, Dave Poulin, Brian Propp, Tim Kerr, Murray Craven, Lindsay Carson, Brad McCrimmon, Ilkka Sinisalo, Rich Sutter, Ron Sutter, Pelle Lindbergh, Peter Zezel, E.J. McGuire, Brad Marsh, Bobby Clarke

On so many levels this video is both amazing and sad. It’s amazing to see the ’84 Flyers read The Night Before Christmas. It’s unbelievably sad to see how many of the people who participated in the reading have passed away.

Notes, Observations, and More After the Jump…

I’ll run through my reactions to the humorous stuff in bullet-form:

  • Mark Howe: reads his part like a true Hall of Famer
  • Ed Hospodar: sweet scarf
  • Ilkka Sinisalo: I could listen to him say “On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen” all day.
  • Miro Dvorak: “Now dash avay, dash avay, dash avay…ALL” may be the single most fantastic thing about this video.
  • Rich Sutter: Really gets into his part. He emotes like a champion. I’ve never seen a set of eyebrows lift so high. His eyebrows probably deserved an Academy Award.
  • Brad Marsh: The top button of shirt buttoned, the glasses, the permanent bed-head, it’s all priceless. He could’ve been Tom Hanks’ understudy in Bosom Buddies.

The sad? Well, it’s incredibly sad that E.J. McGuire, Brad McCrimmon (who, by the way, rocks a Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band shirt in the video), Pelle Lindbergh, and Peter Zezel have all passed away.

How great would it have been to see all of these guys back in town for the Winter Classic Alumni Game? Alas, it’s phenomenal that this video is out there, and we’re able to remember them as they were.

Oh, and Bobby Clarke’s sweater vest and tie combo is the most fashion-forward thing ever. Good on ya Clarkie.