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Mike Richards Graduates from WG Commercials to Funny Or Die

Jan 27, 2012, 12:34 PM EDT

Mike Richards stars in a new Funny Or Die video in which he attempts to rap. He raps like a white dude from Canada.

Mike Richards had a really nice career in Philadelphia as a hockey player for the Flyers. He put up some amazing performances while leading the orange and black to the Stanley Cup Finals, but his finest performance of all time may have been his work for West German BMW (you can watch that performance here, basically without sound).

Until now… [video below]

Okay, so maybe we’re totally full of it. Richie’s performance in this Funny Or Die video isn’t good enough to set him up for a career in Hollywood once his playing days are over.

We barely laughed, actually.

But he does attempt to rap. We commend him on his efforts.

The effort was always there with Richie.

(h/t Dave Isaac)