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Modern Alt. Fans Unite: John Boruk Likes the ‘Heavy Stuff’

Apr 18, 2012, 12:04 PM EDT

Flyers Pre and Postgame Live host John Boruk has compiled a list of 16 pump-up songs for the Flyers postseason run sure to please the Family Values crowd.

Remember when our own Matt P. put together a Rolling Stones playlist last year for the postseason, embedding a track at the bottom of each of his pregame posts?

Well, Flyers Pre and Postgame Live host John Boruk is picking up where Matt left off, except with…um…more…different…
So it turns out the guy might just be a big post-grunge, modern alternative-head.
In a piece for, Boruk has “compiled a list of 16 tracks (one for the number of wins required to capture the Stanley Cup) in the genre of post-grunge, modern and alternative rock – very much in line with the selections you’ll hear before or during a game at the Wells Fargo Center with lyrics that could have easily been written with the game of hockey in mind.”
Now this is actually the kind of stuff they play in the arena, so it’s possible he was just really in line with that mentality and isn’t, you know, cruising to Papa Roach and P.O.D. on the reg.
For the the full 16-song “mix of old and new” with which JB is “maxing out the decibel level on his radio” and suggests you try out yourself if “you’re into the heavy stuff,” click here.
Come on, everyone needs a little Staind every now and then, right?