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Nick Grossman Is No More

Mar 6, 2012, 11:10 AM EDT

After being in the league for almost a decade, Flyers new defenseman Nick Grossman wants you to spell his name correctly.

Those Europeans are quirky fellas in the locker room. Sometimes their names are challenging to pronounce or even spell. That’s not exactly the case with newish Flyers defenseman Nick Grossman… excuse me, Nick Grossmann.

You see, after being drafted in 2004 and playing in the NHL since then, his name was misspelled as Grossman with only one ‘n’ but he was chill with it, didn’t really miss that extra consonant. No more! Today, Tim Panaccio tweeted about how Grossmann will have this spelling oversight fixed to match his passport!

Obviously this is breaking news and still developing. Some of the Flyers beats will get deep into the mind of a guy missing a letter for all those years. We all wonder where that pesky ‘n’ was hiding.