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Pardon Ours, Mark Stuarts Dust: Tye McGinn Just Pulverized Everything

Feb 13, 2013, 1:47 AM EDT

We’re working on recapping some of the action from a
meaningful 3-2 Flyers’ road victory on Tuesday evening, but some events just
can’t wait – like Winnipeg Jets defenseman Mark Stuart’s introduction to Tye

The increasingly impressive rookie McGinn had himself a
scuffle with an eight-year NHL veteran, and while a seasoned fighter like
Stuart managed to land a few solid blows, we’ve got to score this one for the Orange
& Black. You can’t even call us biased, McGinn straight knocked the guy on
his back.

By our unofficial count, that makes “Machine Gun” McGinn
2-0 in sanctioned NHL bouts. Whoever coined that nickname, step right up, please.

McGinn also added the decisive goal of the game, his third
on the season. More on that later, but is there anything this kid doesn’t do
right now?

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