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Photo: Wells Fargo Center Finally Puts Down Flyers’ Ice

Oct 10, 2012, 11:00 AM EDT

Yes, the preseason was totally cancelled and we’ve already done away with the first two weeks of the regular season, but, hey, at least we have ice.

The photo above, courtesy CSN’s Sarah Baicker, is from Wednesday morning at the Wells Fargo Center. From what she tells us, actually making and setting the ice is kind of a process and takes multiple days.

With the Sixers due to begin their season soon, and considering how infrequently the building is ever vacant for a long stretch, it seems like this was a possible case of “we better do it now, or else we won’t be able to for a while.”

We are now 25 days into the NHL Lockout. Seems longer.

To help pass the time…