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Quotable: Lavvy On Briere in the Playoffs

Apr 30, 2012, 3:20 PM EDT

Peter Laviolette's postgame quotes on Danny Briere were fantastic.

Peter Laviolette has a way of pumping his guys up to the media in a rather perfect fashion. His delivery is just so smooth and authoritative that you really believe what he says. Here’s his gem on Danny Briere from yesterday.

“I think some people rise to the big occasions. It speaks to the player, not a
game,” Laviolette said of Briere. “I think through the course of history in sports, there are people who answer the bell.”

And for your stat of the day: Danny Briere has 36 playoff goals since leaving the Buffalo Sabres. Over that same span, the Sabres entire team only has 33 playoff goals.