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Scary Photos: Jake Voracek Crashes Ferrari in Czech Republic

May 22, 2013, 11:31 AM EDT

Scary news out of the Czech Republic this morning as Flyers winger Jake Voracek was reportedly in a car crash that left his Ferrari totalled. The photos of the crash and story were posted on the website. We believe the accident took place in or near his hometown of Kladno, Czech Republic.

The good news is that there were remarkably no injuries according to the Czech story.

Here’s a very rough Google Translate of the key details:

Twenty-three winger, who defends the colors NHL Philadelphia was driving too fast for a truck. The driver then started to turn left and therefore slowed down. Voráček did not manage to stop in time and crashed into the left side of the truck. “The accident occurred at 11:30 am on the road to the town of Kladno Braškov. During the accident no one was injured, alcohol was similar for both drivers on the spot expelled breath test,” she said in an interview Kladno police spokeswoman Michaela Novakova, which then outlining the amount of damages.

We’ll update this post as more of the facts become clear.

Update: The Flyers released the following statement from Paul Holmgren: “I spoke with Jake this morning. He was involved in a car accident in the Czech Republic. Although his car did suffer damage, there were no injuries. Jake is fine.”

  1. 33 - May 22, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    Every new Flyer should be given a picture of Pelle’s Porsche and reminded why his number is neither retired nor still available. Not jumping to the conclusion that he’d been at the pub all night, but just don’t want to ever have to live through losing another one of our boys in that or any similar way. So glad Jake is OK.


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