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Video: Scott Hartnell Punches Drew Stafford Some, Followed by Obligatory HartnellDown

Jan 21, 2013, 2:53 AM EDT

Some might say the person that winds up on top is the winner
of the fight, but that isn’t always the best indicator when that fight is
against Scott Hartnell. Hartsy dropped the gloves with Buffalo’s Drew Stafford
on Sunday, landed a few quality punches, then spun himself to the ground while
swinging for the fences – all in customary Scott Hartnell fashion.

The Sabres took exception to a pair of dangerous hits from
behind by Hartnell, the first of which landed the 2012 All Star in the box.
When the second didn’t, Stafford – not known for fisticuffs – decided to go for
a round.

In reality, Stafford hardly threw a punch at all, and whether
or not he landed one is up for dispute. Hartnell definitely got more than one
in on his opponent though, and had he landed that haymaker he was lining up in
the end… well, best not to speculate I suppose.

Buffalo won the war of course, which really is all that
matters – not that they had any assistance or anything. But as far as the first
Flyers’ fight of the year is concerned, well at least there was one win to take
from Sunday’s game.